Who Are The Liars in Westminster?

On pages 75 and 76 of his most enjoyable book 'Vote For Who?' Jonathan Maitland says that John Humphrys specifically told him that he, Humphrys, knew of two politicians who lied blatantly. One of the them, a famous woman politician who has achieved high office and is famed for her integrity, actually brags about her lies.

However, for fear of being sued Jonathan Maitland has refused to name the woman in his book.

But, does John Humphrys have a duty of truth to his listeners? If he knows that a politician is a liar and even admits to being one, doesn't he have a duty to inform those who listen to his highly regarded Today programme?

What about the BBC? Do they have a moral responsibility to the people who pay their license fee? Is it not, morally at least, a crime for them to protect politicians they know to be liars? If the politician has bragged about the fact they tell lies, does that count as a confession and, if they have confessed to the fact that they lie, isn't the BBC obliged to let the general public know?

Should John Humphrys and other leading lights at the BBC be allowed to protect politicians who lie?

Vote for Who? is published by Metro Publishing and is available in book shops, libraries and, occasionally, in charity shops. I found it to be a most enjoyable read though would mention that John Humphrys didn't actually say the unnamed politician bragged about the fact that she regularly told lies, but reading between the lines it's clear that she almost certainly did.

---December 4, 2007---

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