Blair On TV.

Blair says he does in God believe,
And this the people should relieve,
And he does also say,
In a subtle kind of way,
He the decision made,
To Iraq invade,
Because God him told,
To be bold,
And the Queen's army send,
So they a hand could lend,
In a fight,
Which he thought was right,
And would the Devil cheat,
When they did Saddam defeat.

But though blair does in God believe,
He thinks it's right to deceive,
So even if he told not actually a lie,
He did truth defy,
When he chose the people to mislead,
So he could with war his ego feed,
Because he did the truth deface,
When he did the benefits of war best-case,
Saying things like: "Easy-peasy,
It will all be easy."
Then told a story really grim,
Of the result,
If voters others did consult,
And tried to his ambitions trim.

Condi Rice maybe said it best,
When she the voters' nerve did test,
By saying it would be no fun,
If the smoking gun,
Did New York enshroud,
In a mushroom cloud.

Oh dear,
The voters ran around in fear,
And suffered from incontinence,
When they the thought did countenance,
And so most Americans they cried for war,
As soiled undies made them sore.

Then blair gave as well the voter's voice,
A simple choice,
Of something really easy,
Which none would make uneasy,
Or something really horrible,
Which life would make impossible.
But though there were more than just a few,
Who saw that this simply was not true,
They could not fight the media,
With their multimedia,
Who did profits eye,
And supported well the lie,
As war for them would money make,
If all would in war partake,

Anyway, they to shareholders were responsible,
So it was their choice defensible,
That they should truth ignore,
So bush and blair could have their war,
For historically, politicians who in God believe,
Think they have a right to in His name deceive.


There in blair was no abode,
For a middle road.

Munich 1935: Hit-Ler, Hit-Ler, Hit-Ler.
Berlin 1936 Seig-Heil, Seig-Heil, Seig-Heil.

Kosovo 1997: To-Ny, To-Ny, To-Ny, To-Ny.

Iraq 2003: Is a prime minister allowed to dream?

---November 28, 2007---

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