Wild Life.

An elderly lady not deluded,
But who chose a life secluded,
Had a history bare,
As she'd not been anywhere,
Yet though mostly out of touch,
It worried her not much.

Then one day to town,
Came a circus of renown,
But an elephant escaped,
And this lady's garden raped,
By eating up her plants,
In search of nutrients.

The lady was apalled,
So the police she called,
Speaking of a beast quite strange,
Which her garden did derange.
And did himself avail,
Of her plants, with his tail!!!!

'With his tail!' The policeman said,
His voice quite full of dread.
Then he asked, 'With his tail, once he takes your plant,
So fragnant,
What could he with it do,
As things they must be few.'

'Young man!' The lady cried,
'I to my house am tied,
But still would like to see,
Some decency.
So though some may think this all a farce,
Descriptive words for me are sparse,
And if I would this you tell,
The world would not of me think well.'

---November 6, 2007---

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