Veggie Box License Fee.

If you live TV don't watch,
It need a license fee your life not blotch,
For the law we hold dear,
On this point is clear.
But the nasty BBC,
Does this point not see,
And as them a purchase failure bugs,
They employ collection thugs,
Who will non-buyers letters send,
Which into brutishness descend,
Saying between the lines,
"You dirty stinking rat,
We will bash you with our bat,
For you a license don't possess,
And this to our gravy train is stress,
For can't you see,
We are the BBC,
And we must many fortunes pay,
So they clever things on screen will say,
Plus our directors need a salary,
Which makes them feel exemplary,
While you with no license are a criminal,
A person really marginal,
And as you have not a license bought,
Our friendly judge in court,
You a thousand pounds will fine,
As only slime would do this crime,
Which does high ups at the BBC deprive,
Of their chance in life to thrive."


When it comes to putting the "frighteners" on people
with threats of legal violence, the BBC sometimes makes
the Kray twins look positively gentle and benign.

---October 21, 2007---

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