To the invasion story know,
It is the book to read 'Fiasco',
For the situation in Iraq,
Now so very black,
Has its own story,
And this book's a history.

Your heart will surely break,
As o'er events you rake,
And as Thomas E. Ricks,
O'er the pieces picks,
You will double takes be taking,
As you watch history in the making,
And see how the Fourth Infantry Division,
Iraqis treated with derision,
And how although some Yanks were wise,
And sense in plans did prize,
They were by Bremmer pushed aside,
So he could in himself take pride.
But Paul Bremmer, so full of bluster,
Became America's new General Custer,
Who sense just pushed aside,
As he could not it abide.

Finally, the way the government their shots did play,
Psychologists will surely in the future say,
This book, the words inside,
A story tells of suicide.


This is a very worthwhile book but one of the thing that did strike me is the fact that in the future history might look on Colin Powell as a bigger patsy than Lee Harvey Oswald. He was a soldier who venerated his politican system and therefore his president. But he got told a number of lies and was then pushed forward to do his superior's dirty work for them. Probably because the politicians thought that if things went wrong, the man who had sat in front of the television cameras and told the lies was more likely to get the blame than the people who invented the lies.

The moral of this story being: Never trust a politician.

---October 4, 2007---

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