The Occupation.

Patrick cockburn,
Newspaper news does spurn,
Perhaps because all the hype despite,
It's far too light and trite,
So to his book 'The Occupation,
War and Resistance in Iraq',
Which tells a story black,
This is my oration,
As it with fact does deal,
A situation real,
Which all the hype denies,
And exposes many lies.
So though there was much persuasion,
In support of the invasion,
Iraq is now the place,
Where disaster stares us in the face.
For that nation state,
Now only can deteriorate,
Never mind the press,
Which seems to this fact suppress.
The game that bush and blair did play,
To disaster led the way.

It won this book a major prize,
It's value being king size,
And anyone who would be freed from misdeed,
Certainly this book should read.

---September 23, 2007---

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