Early on a Saturday night,
The family got a fright,
For their little terrier,
Looking even dirtier,
Did the house come in,
With in his mouth his sin,
As covered all in dirt and mud,
And as well some blood,
Next door's white rabbit,
The dog did proudly exhibit.

But alas the rabbit dead,
Caused the family much dread,
For the neighbours, what would they say?
How should they the situation play?
But honesty being always best,
They put their fears to rest,
And when neighbours did from their break return,
They all in spirit would be firm,
Though when they did explain,
They'd try to save their neighbours pain.

But the little daughter with a cry,
Begged them all to tell a lie,
As neighbours in an angry fog,
Would claim the killer dog,
Should be put by law to sleep,
The future peace to keep.
But she did the little dog adore,
And could not this threat ignore,
So the family a lie must tell,
To keep her out of hell.
Then within her eye a frightened gleam,
She began to scream.

Mum and Dad they did consult,
And the problem being so difficult,
The unhappy child was their excuse,
To dream up a subtle ruse,
So first they did the rabbit clean,
So the child would cease to scream,
And when they the fur shampooed,
The little girl she cooed.
After which with looks all round quite sly,
They did the fur blow dry,
Then feeling that they did themselves disgrace,
They did the rabbit in the hutch replace.

But when the neighbours did return,
They did expectations overturn,
As popping round for a visit,
Bringing gifts quite exquisite,
The puzzled husband said: "It's a thing quite rum,
Which me honestly does stun.
For before we went on our weekend holiday,
Our daughter's rabbit passed away.
So in the larger flowerbed,
The rabbit really dead,
We solemnly did bury,
To save you smells unsavoury.
But this evening when we got home,
I off my feet was blown,
As lying in its hutch for all the world at peace,
With its glossy fleece,
Our buried rabbit seemed prepared to go,
To a super rabbit show."

---August 19, 2007---

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