The Sacred Dollar.

They asked the wiseman and the scholar,
What's it worth the dollar?
For though it many does obsess,
It no value does possess,
It's just a coloured bit of paper,
A meme, in the mind a vapour,
With nothing there that's solid,
But oft results in thoughts quite squalid.
For most have yet not heard,
It's value is a word,
It's worth what the bankers say,
And that word can anyone betray,
So if you about the dollar rave,
And feel you it should save,
The banks will the chance not lack,
To stab you in the back.
For this silly bit of paper,
Might be just a massive caper,
And though it says it does in God believe,
Are you sure those words don't you deceive?
So if in the dollar you would trust,
What are the chances you'll go bust?

---July 29, 2007---

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