House of Nobodies


Dope smoking politicians,
Tell us they're important,
That they for something count,
And none should them discount.

But it's all a (45 minute) lie,
These little nobodies,
Who are but to Brussels fleas,
Who anyone can tease.

For now a European backwater,
With little left to barter,
In Brussels Britain counts for nought,
Perhaps not even as a port.

For now of our laws, eighty percent,
Are to us from Brussels sent,
And these are important laws,
Which have powerful jaws.

For why did hereditary peers resign,
With knowing smiles benign,
If they did not know,
To where real power would go?

So for the future no one seeks,
Westminster pipsqueaks,
Brussels now is where the action is,
And where you'll find the whiz.

So if you are ambitious,
And want nothing that's fictitious,
You Westminster should forget,
As it is with pettiness beset.

It's to Brussels you must go,
If you would powerful people know,
And in the future grow,
So you with success can glow.

---July 24, 2007---

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