Grandpa-ma Syndrome

Though some may say I sin,
When I say they'll the insurgents win,
I speak not treason,
Just ideas of reason.
For when Americans - a hundred insurgents kill,
Though it the president does thrill,
Insurgents can a hundred and five put back in line,
All in fighting fettle fine.
But for every hundred Americans the insurgents kill,
Such is the Yankee will,
They cannot thrive,
So they back in line put just ninety five,
Therefore in this war of attrition,
It must be doomed the Yankee mission.
As Mid East women children bear,
And also for them gladly care,
While American women careers pursue,
And have but children few,
Children they won't in war misuse,
As they cannot them afford to lose.
So perhaps it's nature schedule,
Iraqi grandchildren America should rule.

---June 23, 2007---

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