Decisions - Decisions

I certainly saw red,
When the president said,
With lots of fuss,
'You are either with us,
Or on the terrorists' side,
You must decide.'
But having thought this matter about,
And liking not the truth to flout,
I must say with America I'm not,
As I for crooks care not a jot.
And though I probably can,
Move down to Iran,
There they white folk often shoot,
Because they about bush don't give a hoot,
So I suppose I still more have to think,
And should for now waste no more ink.


My ego 'naturally' says I'm bright,
And so 'naturally' I am on this matter right.
So if on the war to bet I choose,
I'll bet America to lose,
And should to Las Vegas go,
As the offered odds I'd like to know.

---June 20, 2007---

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