Is life fair?
If I about TV had choices,
I'd say the two most revolting voices,
Are those of bush and blair.
But should I care?

Am I in my view alone?
Are there none who with me agree?
Are all but me in this world carefree?
And should I for a sin atone?

But I my feelings can't control,
I these two really loathe,
And believe that evil does them clothe,
But alas I'm trapped inside a hole.

For should I my leaders not support?
Be on their side,
And question not what they decide?
This dilemma does my soul distort.

For I yearn to call them liars and cheats,
Who are to justice blind,
And to truth unkind.
I even cheer at their defeats.

But do I my own side betray?
Should I our leaders' enemies deny,
And tell my soul a lie?
Or should I just perhaps go out and play?

---June 1, 2007---

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