Pay Me, Pay Me!

The policeman in his clumsy dress,
Called for a witness,
Who had seen the law breaker,
Who was of liberties a taker,
And not only did our way deny,
But did parliament defy.

I said that I had seen,
What on the street had been,
Then asked how much he paid,
To those who weren't afraid,
And would the story tell,
Of deeds the polititians made unwell.

He looked at me aghast,
And then with words me did blast,
Saying that my civic duty,
To the community,
Meant I should not ask for pay,
Or try to with him play.

He also said I should a statement make,
And he would down the details take,
And in time the court,
Would the matter sort,
By issuing a fine,
To those who did the crime.

And if I had to take the stand,
I would understand,
That in this land of law,
The worst is the outlaw,
And so no one would me pay,
As I had in life my part to play.

But I said,
Seeing in my eye the colour red,
"You demand I act for free,
And accept no fee,
And also that I give my time,
So you can clear the crime.

But the polititians talk of civic duty,
And of our community,
But many will agree,
They nothing do for free,
And say they have the right to relish,
Payments always lavish.

And it's not hard to prove,
Hardly anyone in law today will move,
Unless they're paid a free,
Which with good times does agree,
And even you won't go to court,
Unless overtime your paycheque does support.

But me?
I'm supposed to do it all fro free,
While criminals who police advise,
Oft get payments they can prize,
And of course the super grass,
Does vast amounts amass.

In pubs as well the smoking spies,
Who so many do dispise,
Large amounts will earn,
By grassing up a tavern,
But would they work for nowt?
Is not money what the law's about?

So I'm sure you can discern,
That if I don't money earn,
I will not you assist.
And there's no need to insist,
As I without payment can't recall,
What I saw at all.

For don't all our leaders have an itch,
To be very rich,
And it must to you be plain,
I am like them the same,
For despite the fact they make me spew,
I only do what they would do"

---May 28, 2007---

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