No one could resist,
The stage hypnotist,
Who could everyone command,
And whatever his demand,
In their hypnotic state,
His will subjects did accomodate.
So truckies round the stage would prance,
And like ballerinas dance,
While other men he would induce,
To even telephones seduce.
Women he'd make laugh or cry,
And their most precious thoughts decry.
For people were to him a toy,
And he did them on stage employ.

But Fate did him greet,
One day,
When he started his display,
And put his subjects under,
And then prepared their wills to plunder.
So as the six sat upon their chairs,
None had any cares,
As their hypnotic state,
Did all thoughts negate.
But when he did in his pocket reach,
For that speech about a beach,
Which he'd planned for one to read,
As they'd then proceed,
The instances to act,
And make on the audience an impact,
He found he the paper couldn't find,
And this put him in a bind,
Which him did so discomfit,
He unthinkingly said "SHIT".
And then with an added "ooohhh",
                           he did himself repeat.


'Deeper and Deeper' by Jonathan Chase
is an excellent book on hypnosis
if you are interested in pursuing the subject.

---May 27, 2007---

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