It has in the past been seen,
It has smoking has been,
A form of rebelliousness.
A show of impiousness,
A kind of dare,
Which gave a person flair.
But Westminster now does state,
It will rebelliousness not tolerate,
And every person must obey,
What 'ere the govement does say.
For it can with computers now enslave,
And demand that all behave,
In ways it does the government define,
Or they'll face a hefty fine,
Which if they refuse to pay,
Means that they'll be locked away.
For computers are the tool,
Which means governments
                                          even thoughts can rule,
And now the future is so bleak,
Few will dare to of it speak,
As anyone who'd dare rebel,
Will be by computers given hell.

---May 19, 2007---

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