Love and Marriage

In relationships,
Life's partnerships,
In men and women's energy,
There sometimes is no synergy,
So when they disagree,
There explosions sometimes be.

For example: Hubby does one day decide,
That to have his pride,
He his life must organise,
So him his wife can prize,
And he can as well on all catch up,
So he on life's joys can sup.

He therefore carefully makes a plan,
The very best he can,
And he his day does organise,
So he all his goals can realise,
The up he jumps and starts to move,
So his manhood he can prove.

But when wifey sees he's go, go, go,
She certain things does know,
That hubby her did promise,
Things to cause her bliss.
And as now he is for action in the mood,
She to these things can allude.

So 'Hubby dear,
I know you hold me dear,
You said you would the kitchen paint,
So why not be a saint,
And from the garage get a brush,
As you'll finish quickly if you rush.'

'Yes my dear,' is the reply. 'I know what I did say,
But today it's not my way,
As now things I have to do,
More than just a few,
So another day perhaps,
I'll not let my promise lapse.'

But this does wifey dissapoint,
And all her hopes disjoint,
So she cries, 'What about the shelf you said,
You'd fix before you went to bed?
As you your word did give,
You up to it should live.'

'My dear,' the ruffled hubby does reply,
'I would to you not lie,
So though I to you my word did break,
For pity's sake,
Another time,
I'll make it fine.
This I swear,
If for now you'll with me bear.'

'But husband dear,
You would today me cheer,
If right now the lawn you'd mow,
As the grass does quickly grow.
And as you surely love this house,
You'd not be to it a louse.'

'Dear wife, I will with you be frank,
I must to the bank as we too much our balance shrank,
There's as well the car to fix,
And people to see six,
I also said I'd call my boss,
In case he's at through me a loss.'

'But husband dear, I refuse to let,
You your promises forget,
There's so many things you said you'd do,
And I must ask each day anew.
But it is your daily feat,
To always me mistreat.'

'Wifey dear, please, right now I'm in a rush,
So I beg you not to fuss,
Another time,
I will with your wishes chime,
But if you me now delay I'll fall behind,
Then life to us will be unkind.'

'Spouse of mine, you always me mistreat,
And hardly me will ever treat,
The garage you said you'd clean,
But to me were mean,
So I had myself to do the chore,
Though it was a bore.
So please I have a thirst,
That today you put me first.
So don't go out,
Or my love you'll flout,
For you've said on promises you stood,
But your words have proved no good.
You wish to me just use,
And my love as well abuse.
I'm but a doormat,
Helping you get fat,
And as well a maid,
Who can at night be laid.

'Since the day we married,
You always have me harried,
And today you me ignore,
As I'm just to you a whore,
So on this sunny day,
Go out and play,
For I will you let,
My love forget,
And of those jobs you've still to do,
I myself will do a few,
For am I not a shrew,
Who won't with you argue?'

'Dearest wife of mine,
It's true I've sometimes let you down,
And you have a right to frown,
But I here must draw a line,
For your words incline me to be curt,
You see, you're causing in my mind a mist,
And if you in this way persist,
You your lovely face upon my fist,
Might accidentally hurt.'

---May 15, 2007---

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