Goodbye Bliar.

014jTony Bliar

Good riddance.

As he prepares to ride off into the sunset toni blair asks us all to forgive him for his mistakes.

But I'm not forgiving him. He can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway it is not a person's Christian duty to forgive an evil man. Especially just before he sets off to collect his evil gains.

In time to come historians may well describe the blair era as the greatest confidence trick of all time.

We'll soon hear blair say things like: "Iraq? I'm so sorry, my wife made a mistake! But you will forgive her, won't you? But do excuse me. I must dash. I've got a half hour million pound speech to give. Toodeloo."

Will he get away with it?

Probably. You can't say the moniker 'Teflon Tony' was undeserved!

If you read Daniel Yergin's excellent 'The Commanding Heights' you will know that, in the greater scheme of things, what you or I might say is simply irrelevant. We are not important people and therefore anything we might say is, in the greater scheme of things; just not important.

---May 10, 2007---

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