People Counting

Two humans in a room,
If you onto this site would zoom,
How many people would you see,
And would you count to more than three?

There is the man, the man he is,
And the man he thinks he is,
There's the woman, the woman she is,
And the woman she thinks she is.
Plus the man the woman thinks the man to be,
And the woman the man thinks the woman to be.

Of course, if you watch for a while,
You to yourself will have to smile,
As you will surely know,
That in the room the numbers grow.
For you will have to add the man you think the man to be,
And the woman you think the woman to be.

Though if someone with you is also looking...
And is the same numbers cooking,
You'll wonder why the saintly monks of yore,
Were by belief made sore,
And with the problem did confusion spread,
Of how a million angles - might fit on one pinhead.

---April 26, 2007---

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