British Airways

The game British Airways,
With the travelling public plays,
Is the not nice device,
In which two cases now the price,
Is just so high,
To BA now the wiseman says goodbye.
Especially as BA thought it fair,
To show some business flair,
And ensure travellers didn't know,
How their costs were going to go,
So travel agents all were told to not tell,
Customers of coming hell,
So they would not beware,
And would not themselves prepare.
But if you get a scent,
Of entrapment,
And a nasty crime,
Lawyers say that this is fine,
And so enable all to see,
Our revolting society.


If you have valuable baggage you should avoid British Airways as last year it lost six million pieces of luggage which made it Europe's worst baggage handler.
(Recent newspaper report - The Week.)

---April 16, 2007---

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