Bush Blair Blunder

Bush and blair Iran do see,
As the evil enemy,
Who will from their gaze not flee.

Iranians will no attention pay,
To what blush and blair might say,
Demanding their own way.

But though bush and blair may quake and shake,
They did the invasion make,
But will they see their mistake?

For when he was Saddam the boss,
Iran feared to make him cross,
As he would anyone quadruple-cross.

So if Iran did play,
And refused what we did say,
We could our strength display.

We'd give Saddam tanks by the fleet,
And other weaponry so sweet,
So Iran in fear would bleat.

For as none could him restrict.
No one could predict,
Who he would an armed Saddam afflict.

So we with Saddam made sure,
We Iran could cure,
Of big bang power and its allure.

But we alas Saddam did hang,
And Iran now wants its super-bang,
Caring little for our gang.

For as Iranians need Saddam not fear,
They know they're in the clear,
And our warnings need not hear.

For what can we do?
We are in indeed the stew,
As we cannot life renew.

---April 10, 2007---

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