Tony's story.

You must know the story,
Of the stupid man,
Who could only his views see,
When his song he sang.

But he practised charm,
And always said things nice,
By promising he would no one harm,
And could fix things in a trice.

Then one day he did persuade,
The fools who round him sat,
That we should Iraq invade,
And act the autocrat.

But now it's time,
The price to pay,
Soldiers can't his mountain climb,
And time its hand won't stay.

So as into hell,
We all descend,
The fool still tells us all is well,
And tries away the truth to fend.

Though in the end,
The world will see,
He just facts does bend,
Caring not for misery.

And when the game,
Itself plays out,
We'll be a crippled nation lame,
Because we dared the truth to flout.

---April 8, 2007---

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