Research shows that in the fifties life was fun,
And more enjoyed the sun,
There also was more happiness,
And not so much distress,
Because back then,
Was a time when,
Few TV channels did exist,
And did on attention not insist.
Before the computer revolution,
Which pretended a solution.
No hint of the data tyranny,
With which none can disagree,
And makes a mockery,
Of those who think they're free.
In fact back then the people did rejoice,
In their lack of choice,
As when there's lots from which to choose,
There's more to the mind confuse,
And it's so much easier to make,
A terrible mistake.
In consequence, it's not hard to guess,
That as it does technology progress,
Increasing choices will ensure,
It is to happiness the road obscure,
And millions more we'll see,
Trapped in lives of misery.
Except for those who would the hype ignore,
And make their family their law.

---April 1, 2007---

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