Recalling the slave trade,
Many like to whites upbraid,
Though they forget it seems,
Nature's way of spreading genes.

But perhaps it the saintly does invigorate,
When they can someone castigate.
But do-gooders well might dread,
The fact that now the genes are spread,

Because no matter what the din,
Many with black skin,
Call slave owners and slave traders ancestors,
So will the saintly be in them investors?

Must themselves these people castigate,
Both slave and slave owner their parental state?
Who is to say,
Which half of them will compensation pay?

And which half will cash receive,
So all justice can achieve?
Schizophrenia may well divide,
Those who must on parentage decide,

As of themselves one side,
They'll just not abide,
While trying to take pride,
In their victim side.

---March 26, 2007---

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