The End May Be Nigh

History has shown,
One can on time not take a loan.
Rich societies do not last,
And their demise is often fast,
For the rich won't life's hardships take,
And they no sacrifice will make.
Difficulties they'll not abide,
The comfort they prefer of their backside,
And they must every whim indulge,
So their flacid spirits clearly bulge.

But those who for riches yearn,
Willingly the rich would overturn,
Their inner-selves will think it's fair,
And force their outer-selves to just not care,
So if they values must unlearn,
And rich folk's dogma spurn,
They know the road will make them free.
So they'll care not about a killing spree,
As long as they from the rich can take,
And for themselves some extra make.

---March 25, 2007---

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