Stealing from the poor.

National Lottery

In Las Vegas mobsters skimmed the take,
So they big bucks could make,
London's Victoria Sporting Club,
Also once the law did snub,
When it quietly skimmed the box,
And tried the Gaming Board to fox,
But bosses all they choked,
When their license was revoked.
Yet now the government says that if we at them look,
We won't see a crook.
Though they did the National Lottery always skim
Simple tax being their maxim,
But dishonesty has where it exists a stance,
In that it always must advance,
So now Tessa Jowell the lottery's lot did rob,
As perhaps to to her the poor are just a blob,
And as Blair's Olympiad is far more needy,
Stealing from the poor is not to New Labour seedy.

---March 20, 2007--

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