The European Union

Power, power. Glorious power,
Its taste does never sour.
For we all to EU commissioners,
Are but parishioners,
Who always must obey,
Whatever they might say.
So in Brussels commissioner's make free,
With many a decree,
Knowing the police force,
Will their will on millions force,
And anyone who won't obey,
The words commissioners are wont to say,
The police will them arrest,
And judges all will them detest.

Power, it can Brussels' spirit bouy,
When commissioners can so much employ.
As every word they say,
Can with the masses play,
And none are able to these words refute,
Or try to them dispute.
So though Brussels says democracy,
Few it seems can see,
The people did not commissioners select,
As they did none of them elect,
But still we must obey.
So EU commissioners each day can say.
'Ah power, power. Glorious power,
Its sweet taste does never sour'.

---March 9, 2007---

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