The Big Breach

The big Breach

If you the government don't trust,
And fear it would you for nothing bust,
A book which will give you bliss,
And you should not miss,
By Richard Tomlinson is written,
Who by MI6 was smitten.
For they did him accuse,
That he did their knowledge use,
So he 'The big Breach' could write,
And faults in MI6 put right.
But the way it did MI6 react,
Seriously lacked tact,
As they the writer did imprison,
In Belmarsh - grade A prison,
As those who of MI6 would speak,
Can help from God himself not seek,
For as no law can MI6 restrain,
They from nothing need abstain.
But now the book at last is out,
And it the government does nicely clout,
For even if but just half true,
There now are more than just a few,
You daily can detect,
Who for MI6 have scant respect.

Fascinating, excellent,
But perhaps the thought I scent,
That in time to come,
All at MI6 will know they'll have no fun,
If they don't to bosses bow and scrape,
And adpot for life the wanted shape.

---March 7, 2007---

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