What is the
American plan?

America and Iran,
Will the what's-it hit the fan?
Will America on the problem chew,
Or will it something do?
Does someone know,
The way they'll go?

Though I don't wish to you depress,
I'd like to have a guess.
Americans won't Iran invade,
As they're too afraid.
But they're free,
To use technology.

So from a distance quite secure,
They can damage on Iran ensure,
It most likely being their ploy,
To all its strength destroy.
Then with Iran so weak,
They a peace can seek.

But as Iran will always must obey,
What'er the Yankee's say,
When America over all the oil has power,
Washington will flower.
And they will at smaller nations scoff,
As they can the oil switch on and off.

For those who won't dance the Yankee tune.
But though I might try to at the future look,
T'is always a closed book,
So the way the world in fact will go,
Is something I don't know.

---February 26, 2007---

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