Veggie Box

Everywhere, just everywhere,
I really just can't bear.
That TV screen,
Which in all places now is seen,
Seeking out a brain,
Which it can claim,
And then reduce,
So to produce,
A zombie.
One in mind not free,
Just obedient,
To the message sent.

For the veggie box does nothing teach,
But still does preach,
Capitalist democracy,
The belief of all the so-called free,
And the religion of our land.
It also teaches they are grand,
Those who work and taxes pay,
And nought against the greed will say.
For they'll have pride,
And nought to hide,
When they accept,
That they consumers only be,
Just like they say on Sky and CNN,
And on the BBC.

---February 24, 2007---

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