That which is corrupt,
The way does interrupt,
And so that you can gain,
I will this point explain,
And try to let you see,
If you your mind can free.

In your imagination's murk,
For A imagine that I work,
And you enjoy,
The fact that B does you employ,
There as well is C and D,
And E.

But for value I must try,
To thirty million of equipment buy.
So I information send,
To those who would for this business tend,
And it will my boss relieve,
When these tenders I receive.

But a fact that's real,
Is that the cheapest deal,
Need not be the best,
As it can fail a test.
And so with words agile,
I away the cheapest deal will file.

With the other tenders what I do,
Is say the best is you,
For I can with words confound,
And say your deal is sound,
Then when all upon your bid agree,
I will you come and see.

Thirty million is a lot,
And beacons the harlot,
And as you my business need,
You my greed will feed,
And so your paperwork will say,
A consultant you did pay.

Of the amount just three percent,
To no one an ailment,
So when the consultant's firm,
I to you confirm,
You a cheque will write,
Nine hundred thousand to the sight.

You with this do noting steal,
For you just did a deal,
And the paperwork so right,
No one will excite,
And to the law,
There is no jigsaw.

The consultant now,
To reality does bow,
Nine hundred thousand in the bank,
Means it's rather swank,
And it will to the world disclose,
How it will of this dispose.

And as my wife this consultancy does run,
Because it's not much work and lots of fun,
And even though the taxman's claws,
Driven by our laws,
Will a share demand,
She will his share unhand.

But as for the rest,
We will it in ourselves invest,
Though perhaps to you some pence,
Would make losts of sense,
So before tax, your wife's firm we will consult,
So for you it can half result.

Though once we're rich,
We'd better watch that itch,
Which says that one more time,
Surely would be fine,
For having got enough,
We should our lines not fluff.

---February 18, 2007---

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