Should You Demonstrate?

If you your views would state,
And on the streets your feelings demonstrate,
Would your views be to the fore?
Or would you the government ignore?
Would Westminster hear,
The message you hold dear?

If you would in mind hold fast,
To what's happened in the past,
At Toxteth and at Liverpool,
They old ways did overrule,
As the violence,
Forced changes to commence.

But when the Countryside Alliance,
Tried to show defiance,
With half a million demonstrators,
They moved not the legislators,
As being so well behaved,
They no fear enslaved.

In just London, a million and a half against the war,
Was to the government a bore,
All those people so docile,
No threat of something volitile,
Their lack of brawn,
Just made New Labour yawn.

So if you a point would make,
So you the way can shake,
History shows,
That nothing glows,
If all the laws obey,
When they show their say.

But if something they would do,
Was chuck a brick or two,
And perhaps as well some buildings burn,
Westminster them would dare not spurn,
And while wailing that they sin,
They'd change a law and prove a win.

---February 6, 2007---

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