Airport taxes

No tax on aviation fuel,
This to me is awful gruel.
Abramovich, Murdoch, other oligarchs,
Enjoy on their wealth hallmarks,
With fleets of thirsty helicopters, thirsty planes,
Yet not one complains,
If they our world pollute,
And share of blame refute.
Least of all Westminster wimps,
Who grovel to their pimps.
Pimps who them promote,
So they can win a vote,
As once the race is won,
Favours can be done,
Such as no tax on aviation fuel,
As those who owe can objections overrule,
And with just a per civil passenger a tax,
They ensure their monied backers can relax.
These wealthy oligarchs who help our planet fry,
'Never mind the future!' being their greedy cry.

---February 1, 2007---

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