Spirit of America

US Flag

Listen to me,
As I race along,
Singing my song.

Speed is what you need,
Don't wait,
You might be late,
And if you're left behind,
You'll be in a bind,

Rush, rush,
N'er mind the crush,
If first you're not,
You'll miss the spot,
And then you'll fail,
For yourself a place to nail.

If you're slow,
You'll nowhere go,
Then all on you will walk,
As they to each other talk,
Thinking not of you,
Or what you tried to do.

I have no time,
For lazy slime.
If you can't keep up,
An empty cup,
Your life will mark,
And none your words will hark?

So wind in trees,
Rustling leaves,
And the singing bird,
Must go unheard,
While laughing children,
Close brethren,
You must all ignore,
Or us capitalists you'll bore.

So be quick, don't delay,
It does my message say,
You must all forsake,
And more money make,
Or all at you will sneer,
And I for sure won't hold you dear.

---January 31, 2007---

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