Tony Bliar.

Tony Bliar

Our great and glorious leader once did rave,
And with bravery behave.
For to him the thought most dear,
Was that his words the world should fear.

In ninety seven,
Electoral heaven,
He did the bombing of Iraq increase,
So he his spirit could unleash.

Then in ninety nine,
He thought it fine,
With aplomb,
All Kosovo to bomb.

After that in Africa with war,
He more points did score,
And with his army in control,
None dared call him tadpole.

Then with a mighty cannonade,
He did with friends Iraq invade,
For having proved himself a giant,
He'd fight anyone defiant.

Anyone over there,
Far away, somewhere where,
They could not at him hit back,
Or him in any way attack.

But today he cowers in fear,
And nervously around does peer,
For Bin Laden now at his front door,
Suddenly, he violence does abhor.

---January 19, 2007---

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