Abu Nidal, A gun for Hire

Abu Nidal, Gun for Hire

To many the idea of terrorism ,
Is a form of heroism,
And if you would this subject understand,
So you can the spin withstand,
And from politics be freed,
There's a book which you should read.

Abu Nidal, A Gun for Hire,
Is a book which most admire,
But though it is not new,
Good books like this are few,
And it perspective does contain,
From which you're sure to gain.

Here Patrick Seale,
Writes about a world that's real,
In which legions live,
And try their hopes some form to give.
But our values they disown,
As it is their road their own,

But like the PLO, Alqaeda has its factions,
Expansions and contractions,
And although its leaders oft agree,
They just as often disagree,
And each one as well will fight,
For the way they think is right.

So though we all are stories told,
We often just ideas are sold,
As oft with facts pidgin,
The powerful try our minds to win.
But if you like your feet upon the ground,
You can the spinners with this book confound.

Because behind the terrorism scenes,
Lie the same rebellious genes,
Driven by ideals,
Founded in ordeals,
Which many can't forget,
And so the way is set.

Though if this book you read,
It will you upward lead,
And you the media won't confuse,
Nor you successfully abuse.
As those with insight,
Can keep their eye upon what's right.

---January 16, 2007---

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