The Great Deception

The Great Deception

If you a book would read,
With a message all should heed,
You should never rest,
Until you've read the best.

For Britain and the EU,
Good books about are few,
As most the propaganda spout,
And refuse the hype to flout.

But one which does the truth embrace,
Has in history earned a place,
And deserves from all applause,
For exposing lies and frauds.

So many might be cross,
When I its title floss,
And by pointing the direction,
Attract to it attention.

For Christopher Booker and Richard North,
Courageously stepped forth,
And filled a vacuum,
With publisher, Continuum.

This group did themselves devote,
To untruth demote,
Because no one can be free,
Till they the truth can see.

So their conception,
Was to write 'The Great Deception',
A book for which there is a need,
For everyone to read.

---January 12, 2007---

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