Cold War Coin

In 1990 the Berlin Wall,
Did fall,
And Westerners in glee,
Did decree,
Wrong had by right been overcome,
Over evil good had won.

Then as they did their victory rate,
And loudly celebrate,
They everyone did tell,
They anyone could quell,
As in the end it's always right,
Which over evil wins the fight.

But some will disagree,
And say that if you look you'll see,
Behind the hype,
There's a truth, the time for telling now is ripe,
A truth with light ablaze,
Which many might amaze.

For despite the glitzy spin,
Good over evil didn't win,
Evil, in fact, good overcame,
Because it thought of only gain.
And so a vending machine society,
Off idealists did see.

For being concerned with only money,
The vending machine society,
Weapons of mass destruction did invent,
A thought from Satan sent,
And these weapons did accumulate,
So they could their muscle state.

Then their people all received,
Words which them deceived,
Saying the idealistic society,
Wanted them not free,
And for a bit of idle fun,
Would Western Europe overrun.

So the money mad society,
More weapons made with glee,
For with a threat of war,
What are workers' taxes for?
And so that super profits could be made,
The rich the money flow did raid.

All this the idealistic society,
Could plainly see,
And so it could themselves defend,
It did on weapons money spend,
Money which most understood,
Was needed for the common good.

Nevertheless the vending society,
Relished the melee,
For a race,
With such a pace,
Meant a weapons smorgasbord,
Idealists could ill afford.

So the dreams all slowly lapsed,
Idealists collapsed,
Then without a barricade,
Vending machines did their world invade,
As having victory bought,
Gave the dream no thought.

So now, where once ideals reigned,
Vending machines quite unrestrained,
The people force to see,
Their new reality,
Their worth now based on what they spend,
The bottom line - no coin no vend.

---January 9, 2007---

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